Another New Shooter

This weekend ended up being a combination of ups and downs. Being this isn’t the personal life of Christopher Burg blog (Most of the time) I’ll leave the downs out of it. The up of this weekend was I got another new shooter out to the range.

Well I shouldn’t say a new shooter but a shooter whom went only once and wasn’t thrilled. I don’t know why people think starting off a new shooter with a 12 gauge shotgun is a good idea but they seem to keep doing it. Anyways the new shooter, Monica, wanted to try handguns and needless to say I’ve got a couple of those on hand. I also have another female friend who likes to shoot and came along. I find that it’s best to have another woman around when you’re taking a new woman shooting and that proved to be a good move again.

I started her off with my Glock 30SF equipped with the Advantage Arms .22 conversion kit. This proved to be a mistake on my behalf because it was so cold the kit was malfunctioning left and right. On top of that Monica appeared to be afraid of the Glock. So I switched her over to my Smith and Wesson 686 .357 magnum revolver loaded up with underloaded solid lead .38 special rounds. She liked that gun a lot more than the Glock. Surprisingly with very little coaching she was hitting paper no problem with it. Usually when you give somebody a large firearm their instinct is to flinch which throws the rounds south.

We also had Monic shoot my other friend’s EAA Witness in .45 auto. I figured it best to start Monica off with a .45 from an all steel gun as opposed to my recoil happy lighter than air subcompact Glock. In the end she decided the .38 special was more to her liking and kept shooting that.

By the end of the range trip she was happy and enjoyed the new experience. Nothing like taking a new shooter out to make your weekend good.