Impossible Shooting in Japan

This is impossible. There was a shooting in Japan. How can this be? They have some of the strictest gun control laws on the books combined with a police state. It’s also like the anti-gunners are wrong or something. From the story:

At least two people have been killed and two others injured when a gunman opened fire at a bar in western Japan, officials say.

Well I guess we’re back to the real world again where gun control doesn’t prevent violence. Instead criminals will get firearms and those who are disarmed due to obedience of the law will simply find themselves as targets unable to defend themselves. Haven’t there been enough examples of gun control failures to show it doesn’t work yet? Oh and to make a point:

Police are investigating the gunman’s motive. Shootings are rare in Japan, where there are tough gun control laws.

Such attacks are often linked to gangsters known in Japan as yakuza.

Yes shootings are rare in the police state of Japan but those that do occur are linked to *gasp* criminals! I’m noticing a pattern here.