It Just Dawned On Me

As I’m sitting here something just dawned on me. As I’m typing this I have the following applications open on my laptop:

  • Google Chrome
  • NewNewsWire
  • Apple Mail
  • Quicksilver
  • Safari
  • Eclipse
  • iCal
  • VMWare Fusion
  • Terminal
  • Activity Monitor
  • System Preferences
  • KisMAC
  • Scrivener
  • Preview

And the system is running flawlessly. Boy how far we’ve come in computer. Although I’m used to stable multi-tasking I’m now remembering, not fondly, the days of Windows 3.11, Windows 9x, and Mac OS Classic where having multiple applications running at the same time was a risky proposition. Man thing have certainly improved.

Hell the sleep mode on my laptop works which was also a risky thing back in the days of my machines that run older operating systems. The number of kernel panics (UNIX version of Blue Screens of Death for you Windows folks) I get in a year can be measured on one hand as opposed to the old days where system crashes weren’t a matter of if but when (And When usually mean sometime that week).

Yes our computer operating systems are far more complex than they were just a mear 10 years ago (My God it’s been a long time since Windows 9x was in use). Yes modern operating systems take up gigabytes of space instead of kilobytes of spaces. But you know what our systems are far more stable nowadays then ever before. I love the advancement of technology.