MacBook Air USB Ethernet Adapter Works on All Macs

Just a heads up to a question I had for a while but never found a definitive answer to. Apple has a USB Ethernet adapter for the MacBook Air which lacks any Ethernet interface. They advertise it as only working with the MacBook Air and if you ask an Apple Store employee they will tell you the adapter doesn’t work with any other Apple computer.

This made little sense to me since I assumed the driver for their adapter is included in their operating system. Anyways I purchased one because I need access to two separate networks at work. Anyways I’m happy to report the adapter works perfectly with my MacBook Pro laptop.

The adapter works very well. Being it plugs into a USB port (The theoretical maximum data rate of which is 480 Mbps) the adapter only runs at 10/100, so no gigabit for you. The data rate is good enough for the purposes I have at work but I wouldn’t want it for home use due to speed issues. Every application on the Mac, included my beloved and needed Wireshark, see the adapter as a standard Ethernet port and interact with it accordingly. That was my primary and honestly only requirement.

On the downside there are now status lights on the adapter. This is very annoying as I often use the status lights to determine if a port has gone dead or if data is flowing. Either way it works and that’s what I cared about most.

One thought on “MacBook Air USB Ethernet Adapter Works on All Macs”

  1. See, that’s why I use IBM compatible PCs. I don’t expect everything to work right, so I’m never let down. I also know that I can get the thing running again in minutes because that blue screen tells me what happened and I can easily replace any hardware component (as I’m trained in it). Not only that, but it shuts down the system before a catastrophic failure instead of tick tick ticking towards a dead hard drive.

    But if you’re happy with your Mac, well more power to ya!

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