The iPad

My friend Chris summed up my thoughts on the new iPad as well:

Its perfect, I was just thinking the other day: Wouldn’t it be great if I had an iPhone that didn’t fit in my pocket and couldn’t make phone calls? Or a netbook with no keyboard and 50% glass.

Yeah I’m not impressed. I’ll also add wouldn’t it be great to have an e-reader with an LCD screen so I can replicate the experience of reading books on my laptop. I really don’t see where Apple is going with this thing.

2 thoughts on “The iPad”

  1. Alot of bloggers aren’t really happy with the new iPad.There was too much hoopla over it and alot blogers got turned off.Thing is, I actually see great deal of the awesome potential of the device. Third-party apps for working with tunes, games, newspapers and magazine and FFS books, all sorts of neat stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it properly (aside from the books). It feels kind of unfinished

    1. My problem is the fact there could be all sorts of great uses for this device but only if Apple allows those uses. You can’t install any application unless Apple approves it. This is the same problem the iPhone has.

      Furthermore there is no ability to multi-task, at least for third party applications. So if I want to listen to Pandora while typing a document I’m out of luck. The only way I can listen to music while doing something else is if I use iTunes. That hampers the functionality of the device dramatically. Even my Palm Treo 755p can play music, edit a document, and run an instant messenger all at the same time and that doesn’t have any official multi-tasking capability.

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