State of the Union

Yesterday was Wednesday meaning two things. The first is that it was the night of the weekly Liberty Hour where a group of friends and I get together and talk politics, economics, and everything else right-wing libertarian terrorists talk about. But last night was also the Obamessiah’s speech where he lied through his teeth talk about the previous year and the coming year.

What did I take away from it? Nothing good. First there was the Bush blame game which is really getting old at this point. Second there was the whole lie about how the bailouts saved the economy. And of course a constant slew of bullshit streaming from his mouth.

There were a few funny things. First Joe Biden apparently didn’t get the memo and started to clap before he was supposed to. Second the president of Haiti was there and appeared to be sleeping until Obama mentioned his country. Nancy Pelosi looked as scary as ever. And it was funny watching the Democrats stand and applause every two seconds while the Republicans only stood and applauded every 10 seconds. Sadly nobody gave the President the finger.

What did I take away from his speech? Well I reaffirmed that the government doesn’t like the citizens.