I’ve Been Waiting on This Forever

I’m going to go way off into side note country here but I’ve got some awesomely good news. Sam Raimi’s next project is looking to be The Shadow. Yup the original playboy millionaire turned vigilante who stalks the night

I’m a pretty big fan of the old Shadow pulp fiction novels and the radio drama from the 1930s (Which are available for free via the podcast section in the iTunes music store). Sadly every movie made on this franchise has ended up being shit (Although the most recent one was fairly decent in my book, just too cheesy). But I think Raimi can pull it off since when he first got outbid for The Shadow movie he created Dark Man which was a sort of tribute to the Shadow and that film (The first one) was great.

Yeah this is probably the only “super hero” movie I’m going to be more pumped about than Iron Man.