Violence Policy Center Demand You Pay Attention to Them

You have to hand it to the Violence Policy Center they certainly know how to whine for attention. Of course nobody is going to give it to them for reasons Snowflakes in Hell points out.

Violence Pouting Center released another “study” that amounts to them using Google to do searches for terms like “assault weapon” and “assault rifle” (As if those are the same things). These searches were done in an attempt to show the use of “assault weapons” against law enforcement has dramatically increased in the last two years. The sources they use are news and media reports whom we know aren’t the best at identifying guns.

I admit that most of my research for Truth About Guns is done via Google. But I also make an attempt (A very big attempt) to use credible sources such as data provided by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. These knuckleheads over at the Violence Policy Center can’t even do that.