Paymer at It Again

Fellow Minnesotans it appears as though that state representative Michael Paymar is at it again and this time he brought Scott Dibble to help. These two are reintroducing legislation that would ban private gun sales in this cold state.

The two bills are H.F.2960 and S.F.2659. He’s pulled this crap before and has lost before so let’s make sure him and his buddy lose again. Write your representatives.

3 thoughts on “Paymer at It Again”

    1. I guess that depends on where you moved to. Minnesota sucks for some things and it pretty good on others. Besides being required to get a license our carry laws overall are very good here.

      On the other hand you need a permit in order to buy handguns or “evil assault weapons.”

  1. Well I moved to Texas. Yeah the LTC laws in MN were bad when I lived there, but are better now. But yeah needing a permit to buy some guns is bad. The fact that the state constitution doesn’t reference a right to keep and bear arms is a bad sign I think. Machine guns are prohibited there, they can still be owned down here. Don’t get me wrong I still go up to MN 3 or 4 times a year, just don’t see myself ever moving back.

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