Some Scary Stuff Going Down in Wisconsin

The NRA just threw out an alert for those of you in Wisconsin. Two anti-gun pieces of legislation have been introduced. I haven’t read through them as of now but here is what they apparently cover:

* Require that all firearm transfers be conducted through a federally licensed dealer except to family members. That means if you wanted to sell your firearm to a friend, you would have to find an FFL and pay whatever transfer fees they felt appropriate.

* Go WAY beyond federal restrictions for firearm possession and prohibit individuals convicted of misdemeanors. This provision is a blatant constitutional violation. In Heller v. D.C., the ruling states that only felony convictions are justified in restricting this constitutionally guaranteed right.

* Also require that all firearms transfers be reported and all guns registered into a centralized database.

* Establish no limitations on who would have access to this database.

So those of you across the Mississippi from me may want to get on the horn with your representatives.

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