Wait You Don’t Need a Gun To Kill People

Holy shit! According to Days of our Trailers it’s actually possible to commit mass murder in places that ban guns. No I’m not talking through the usual mechanism of illegally obtained guns but through the mechanism of other weapons. A man in Beijing murdered eight children with a knife.

I thought the anti-gunners said this kind of thing is only possible because of easy access to firearms.

One thought on “Wait You Don’t Need a Gun To Kill People”

  1. This is why we need to ban knives. Not the trap-shooting knives, I’m fine with those. But the Assault knives with sharp blades, and serrations, and non-slip handles and silencers. There is just no need for the crazy knife-nuts to have these. Hundreds of millions of innocent children are killed every month when these killing machine knives just go off. Not to mention the saturday night special knives available through the knife show loopholes.

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