Update on Generation 4 Glock 17

Well I was able to do some more troubleshooting on my Glock 17 and it’s inability to feed ammunition without holding it extremely firm (In other words having enough body mass to ensure reliable operation). Well I can say the problem can be fixed by using hot ammunition. I took the gun to the range again this weekend with the same person that had troubles with the gun when shooting it. After loading the gun with some hotter ammunition the gun cycled perfectly.

So I’m going update my recommendation on the Generation 4 Glock 17. If you’re a person of small stature you may want to ensure you either hand load ammunition yourself or buy ammunition that’s loaded up hotter. Most of the cheap 9mm ammunition may cause failures to feed as it’s loaded down.

One thought on “Update on Generation 4 Glock 17”

  1. I had the same issue with mine and fixed it the same way. I was getting some failure to eject problems on mine when shooting monarch ammo that I bought from Academy. So I ran 100 rounds of 124gr Federal American Eagle this weekend through it (per a recommendation on GlockTalk) and then went back to the monarch. It ran perfectly now. So yeah it appears the new glock requires a break in with some decent ammo.

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