Apparently The UN Believes It’s The ATF

Snowflakes in Hell brings a story that is rather interesting. Yesterday the National Shooting Sports Foundation posted a news item brining to light that the United Nations is filing firearm trace requests. They posted a trace request originating from the United Nations [Be forewarned it’s a PDF document].

This is troubling because of two facts. First of all the United Nations is all for disarming civilian populations. That shouldn’t be a surprise when you stop to realize the United Nations is composed of multiple world governments, most of which either severely restrict or outright ban civilians from owning firearms. Second the United Nations apparently believe they have the same authority in this country as the ATF.

The trace request is for a H&K P7 that the French apparently found (more likely surrendered). What’s funny is the request states the company should cooperate due to a United Nations resolution. These resolutions are binding to signing government bodies not the civilian population. That means if the United Nations wants a trace performed they need to go to our federal government not the private company that manufactures the pistol. I hope H&K decides the UN sucks and that H&K hates them. The United Nations is the last organization we want to give an inch to because they’ll take at least a light year.