Bloomberg’s So-Called Terror Gap

You’ve all seen the massive amount of propaganda Super Douche Bloomberg and his posse have been vomiting up. They want to deny anybody who’s name appears on the “no-fly list” the right to buy firearms. Well let’s look at some of the people on the no-fly list whom Bloomberg wants to strip the rights of for life.

First let’s meet Sam Adams. No not that Sam Adams but a 5 year-old child who is a suspected terrorist:

Saw the article you posted on Boing Boing about the five year old on the no-fly list. My son, also five, is on that same list and it’s a nightmare. Every time we fly with him, we can’t use the computer terminals to check in and the attendant has to call some never named government agency to make sure he’s not a terrorist. Some attendants joke it off but some are insanely serious about it. His seat always goes unassigned (even if it was assigned when the reservation is made) which always causes problems.

I’ve tried everything that anyone has suggested. There’s a TSA form that you can fill out for this situation, which I did, but they won’t tell you if they’ve removed your name. We got him a passport — that didn’t work. We’ve tried booking the tickets with his full name (including middle name), that didn’t work. We tried booking the ticket under Master Samuel Adams, with still no luck.

How about Mickey Hicks? He’s an 8 year-old boy on the no-fly list:

On its website, the TSA specifically denies that there is an 8-year-old on any of its watch lists. But try telling that to Mikey Hicks, who has had problems getting on airplanes his entire life. As a baby, Hicks was denied a seat on a plane because, officials told his mother, his name “was on the list.” He started getting full pat-downs when he was 2, his mom tells the New York Times.

Although arguably deserving Senator Ted Kennedy was also on the list:

U.S. Sen. Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy said yesterday that he was stopped and questioned at airports on the East Coast five times in March because his name appeared on the government’s secret “no-fly” list.

Federal air security officials said the initial error that led to scrutiny of the Massachusetts Democrat should not have happened even though they recognize that the no-fly list is imperfect. But privately they acknowledged being embarrassed that it took the senator and his staff more than three weeks to get his name removed.

Unlike you and me he was probably able to get his name off of the list. Let’s meet Michael Martin a 7 year-old “terrorist” who would be barred from owning firearms for life:

The name of a seven-year-old Coral Springs boy is on the no-fly list.

For the third time in his young life, Michael Martin recently had to check in with an airline agent before flying. His name appears to share a moniker with a suspected or known terrorist.

His mother had to ask an airline agent for help earlier this month when she couldn’t print Michael’s boarding pass from an AirTran kiosk at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

An Write named Chris Kelly notes his 12 year-old daughter is a “terrorist” as well:

My middle daughter’s name seems to be on the No Fly List. Since she’s only twelve years old, and neither practices nor endorses acts of political violence, I can only assume there’s been some kind of mistake.

No one at the airport will tell us how she made the list. They won’t even confirm that she’s on it. Every time we go to the airport, the electronic kiosk simply refuses to issue her a boarding pass, and we’re sent to the ticket counter, where five people look at the whole family’s I.D., and then specifically hers, and then someone calls someone, and they call someone, and that person tells the person on the phone, “No, she’s a little girl.” And eventually we’re allowed to run for our flight.

BoingBoing notes another 5 year-old is getting started in the field of “terrorism” early as well:

A five-year-old boy was taken into custody and thoroughly searched at Sea-Tac because his name is similar to a possible terrorist alias. As the Consumerist reports, “When his mother went to pick him up and hug him and comfort him during the proceedings, she was told not to touch him because he was a national security risk. They also had to frisk her again to make sure the little Dillinger hadn’t passed anything dangerous weapons or materials to his mother when she hugged him.”

This is just a small sample of people Super Douche Bloomberg wants to prohibit from buying firearms for life.