Math Hard

Apparently the education system in Chicago is a far more dire state than I realized. Basic math operations such as addition and multiplication apparently escape their government officials as Days of our Trailers points out:

Of the 4,050 firearms traded in for gift cards, there were 55 assault weapons and 3,335 handguns, along with 660 replicas, according to the Office of Police News Affairs.

Police gave a prepaid credit card for each weapon turned in: $100 for each assault weapon, $75 for guns and $10 for BB guns, air guns and replica guns.

About $46,000 had been raised so far this year for the program

55*$100 + 3335*$75 + 660*$10 = $262,225.00

In case you’re a victim of Chicago’s apparently abhorrent education system $262,225.00 is larger than $46,000 meaning the program cost more money than was raised.