Who Remembers The Old VHS

No not that VHS, this VHS. Well the Croats puts out a video demonostrating their new assault rifle which can be found over on The Firearm Blog.

Overall it looks cool although doesn’t seem to bring anything too revolutionary to the table. Of course that is until you realize it’s being produced by a nation who generally had more experience in combloc weapons than NATO weapons so this is a completely new endeavor.

For those of you who don’t know much about the VHS it’s a rifle being produced by the same company who gave us the HS 2000, better known in America as the XD, handgun. As an owner of a said handgun I must say if they can make a rifle even half as good as the HS 2000 I will be very impressed. Of course I’m doubting anybody is going to import a semi-automatic version of this new rifle since it’s mostly a clone of other things already on the market.