Weapons Heading to Mexico Seized

Apparently a large quantity of weapons has been seized on it’s way to Mexico:

Texas police say they acted on a tip-off and stopped a truck. Inside, they found 147 assault rifles, 53 bayonets and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition they believe were heading across the border to Mexico.

Oh no not bayonets! You could seriously poke somebody’s eye out with one of those. I’m sure the anti-gunners are going to be all over this in about five minutes. Of course they will harp how this is proof we need to ban “assault weapons” here although I’m betting most of those seized weapons were fully automatic and thus already heavily restricted (if produced before 1986, otherwise illegal).

Here’s my favorite part though:

President Obama has said that US demand for drugs has contributed to the violence in Mexico, and that the flow of guns from the US to Mexico must be stopped.

I have a better solution. Instead of wasting our money and resources protecting another country how about we just dump the prohibition on currently illegal drugs? The government can tax them thus creating a revenue source, our prisons will no longer be overflowing with people who harmed nobody besides themselves, and best of all it will eliminate the power of the drug cartels overnight. Seriously this war on drugs has accomplished nothing besides putting many American citizens in prison for victimless crimes and empowering the drug cartels.