More Guns Doesn’t Mean More Firearm Related Deaths

Linoge is a big fan of doing things right. To that extend he decided to do actual work that us other bloggers could repost in a vain attempt to make it appear as though we also do real work (but those who know me know that I avoid real work like our government avoids civil rights). He put together a nice little graph showing increased firearm ownership doesn’t lead to increased firearm related fatalities. This is always a big thing the anti-gunners parrot and they often also have pretty charts to prove their point. They difference is where the numbers come from. Linoge obtained his numbers from the CDC and ATF and sourced them.

As an added note it’s good to see firearm related deaths were already on a downward turn before the Brady Act came into law deflating the idea that the little piece of anti-gun legislation was the cause of decreasing firearm related deaths.

2 thoughts on “More Guns Doesn’t Mean More Firearm Related Deaths”

  1. Thanks for the linkage! Hopefully those confronted with those mistruths parroted by the anti-rights nuts will be able to stumble across my little post, and learn a little about the truth of the matter.

    As for the Brady Act, check out the works Reputo did – I linked to them at the end of my post. Suffice to say, it has very little credit to claim.

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