Another NRA Shit Storm

This week is just riddled with NRA shit storms. First they drop opposition to the DISCLOSE Act after being granted an exemption and now they’re endorsing Democrat candidate Ted Strickland.

Being one to share my opinion with everybody (because this is my site and I get to do that) I thought I’d jump into this fray as well. What do I think about this? Well I’m not a fan of Governor Strickland nor most of his polices. But the NRA endorsing him makes nothing but sense. When it boils down to it the NRA’s main focus are gun rights. That’s their thing*.

There is no way the NRA could have endorse the Republican candidate because he has an F rating from the NRA. The R in NRA doesn’t stand for Republican. Further many people are parroting how the NRA is working against freedom as a whole by endorsing a Democrat. Guess what? If you personally endorse either the Republican or Democrat party you’re working against freedom as a whole. Neither party is pro-freedom. They both want to take your rights, they just want to do it in different orders. So the excuse that the NRA is working against freedom as a whole by endorsing a Democrat holds no water with me, I despise both major political parties for their polices towards my freedoms.

The NRA endorses candidates based on their stance in regards to gun rights. That’s what they rate representatives on, their stance on gun rights. If you want to know where a candidate stands on gun rights go to the NRA. If you want to know where they stand on other issues go to other organizations. An NRA endorsement simply states the candidate is better on gun rights than the opposing candidate. That’s it. It’s pretty simple.

* For those about to jump at me and claim I just ripped on them for being single-issue in the last post please realize that my complaint with them abandoning opposition to the DISCLOSE Act is due to the fact that was a direct attack against them. They left the second the government gave them an exemption even though nothing is going to stop the same government from later making an amendment repealing that exemption and nobody is going to be willing to help the NRA to fight it. It’s a long term defensive strategy failure in my book.