More on Microstamping

Via Says Uncle I found a letter to the editor written by none other than Ralph E. Karanian the COO of Kimber. He outlines why microstamping is idiotic and sources actual research showing it’s unreliable at best and worthless at worst.

The problem is he sourced actual research. We all know nobody wants to read that they just want to hear speculation and fear mongering.

One thought on “More on Microstamping”

  1. Back when similar legislation was being considered in the People’s Republic of Kalifornistan, I wrote the Governator a letter documenting sources, scientific studies, and everything else indicating that “microstamping” is nothing more than a pipedream of people who do not understand firearms or even basic metallurgy.

    The response back was basically, “I feel this will help the people of our state, so I am going to sign it.” The words were a little different, but feelings were the only thing he was deciding upon.

    As you say, a lot of people do not care about facts when those facts disprove desires and beliefs close to their hearts. Unfortunately, a lot of those people are in positions of power.

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