PSA Fail

Another great post was thrown up over at Every Day, No Days Off. It’s a link to a video of a public service announcement (PSA) for the Amber Alert e-mail notification system. The video is trying to convince you that you do not need a gun to protect your children. Unfortunately for the people who made the video they totally failed at that. Watch is and then ask yourself, would I fuck with these mothers’ kids?


I certainly would not.

Also is that lady holding a RPD that is both belt fed and has an attached drum magazine at the same time? Can that even work?

2 thoughts on “PSA Fail”

  1. RPDs feed from belts that are contained in a drum not unlike the boxes used for M249s and such. The RPD “drum” is not a magazine per se, as it doesn’t have a spring or follower, it’s just a convenient way to store ammo. The RPK is a different matter, which is little more than a big AK.

    1. Ah OK thanks for the information there. I had no clue (obviously).

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