Speaking of Violating

The Vatican is shocked, SHOCKED I tell you at the raid the Belgian police recently did. The Belgians decided to investigate these sex abuse reports themselves since it is becoming obvious the Catholic Church isn’t. My favorite quote:

The Vatican has expressed shock at raids, including the “violation” of a cathedral crypt, by Belgian police investigating alleged child sex abuse.

The Belgian police violated the cathedral crypt just like the priest violated the children. ZING!

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Violating”

  1. I think drilling into 2 crypts is pretty disrespectful. It is one thing if you have a warrant for evidence held in the church offices and another to tamper with graves. Additionally the Vatican is a Sovereign nation. I don’t know that the federal government here could just march onto tribal land and start desecrating graves…

    1. Well they police did so after they said there were reports that work had recently been done on the tombs. That’s probably all the probably cause needed in Belgium to open those tombs up. It may be disrespectful but again it’s a police investigation and I’ve never seen one that has been respectful as far as collecting evidence is concerned.

      Also this didn’t take place in the Vatican but in Belgium where the Catholic Church subject to that country’s laws.

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