That About Sums it Up

Larry Correia sums up the difference between our president and Russia’s… prime minister (practically their president though):

I’ll say this for Russia. I’ve actually got more respect for Vladamir Putin than I do for Barack Obama. Now don’t get me wrong. Putin is super-villain evil. I’m not saying he’s good in any way, but I can respect ruthless strength. Barack Obama is a flailing pansy in comparison. Putin takes his shirt off to skin bears. Obama holds Paul McCartney concerts. Putin has executed dissidents and kung-fu fought MI-6 agents in a secret volcano base. Obama gets cranky and whines whenever people dare question him. Putin uses his cyborg laser eye to vaporize people who dare question him, and then he goes back to his harem of sexy KGB seductresses with codenames like Iron Maiden and Black Widow. Sadly, Russia’s leader would kick our leader’s ass in a fight, and that’s just sad. They’ve got the final boss fight from a Chuck Norris movie and we’ve got Steve Urkel.

That’s the big difference, Putin is a bad ass and Obama is simple bad (or just an ass, maybe both just not used together as a single term). Also more left-wing extremist violence:

Meanwhile, a bunch of left wing hoodlums are burning stuff at the G-20, just like they do. Every. Single. Year. Why is it that the media is so deathly afraid of us right wingers being violent, though we hardly ever are, yet lefties and socialists shut down a city for a week every year and nobody notices because it’s so ho-hum. It’s probably because if a single local Tea-Party got into a mood we could overthrow a small country. My side doesn’t screw around. When we get violent, we go big or we go home. I see your trash can through a store window and raise you a Barrett M-82, hippy.

Just be thankful that us right-wing extremist terrorist libertarian racist bigot antisemites are non-violent. If we were like the left-wing hippies who can’t comprehend basic economics everybody would be free to go about their business without interference from the government and wouldn’t have a gun pointed to their head demanding obscene tax money to pay for government programs… wait.

Just be happy we’re not a violent bunch.