Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Just Not Those Jobs

Apparently those bastards at Glock want to expand their factory and create some new jobs. Apparently local residents don’t like this idea:

Families who live nearby said they are worried about gunfire so close to their back yards.

“They’re not making toys — they’re making guns, and when you make guns there’s going to be byproducts through that process. They’re also testing the guns,” said resident Kim Childs.

Yup there are going to be byproducts… like employment opportunities in the community. How date Glock try to benefit the area by making new jobs available.

3 thoughts on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Just Not Those Jobs”

  1. What the hell dangerous byproducts of firearm manufacturing are there that car manufacturing, appliance manufacturing, and other home-equipment manufacturing does not also create?

    Oh. Right. Guns are infused with PURE EVIL (TM), and some of that splashing around would be kinda bad…


  2. Come to Texas Glock!!! We would be glad to have your company in Dallas and would welcome the jobs.

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