Limited Updates for a While

For the last few years my apartment complex has provided Internet service to me as part of my rent. Sure it wasn’t amazing but it was decent enough. Well starting yesterday with no prior warning they have stopped offering their Internet service effective immediately. That means the only Internet service I currently have is through my phone and where I find it nomad style.

Due to this no major updates will be on here for a bit. At least not until I get another ISP to hook up service.

Man I’m so pissed off right now.

One thought on “Limited Updates for a While”

  1. That blows donkey chunks. When you get your Internet back up, do a podcast for the love of Christmas. I’m totally burned out on the Adam Carolla Show and since the USCCA ruined their forum I’ve been looking for a place to quench my gunthirst. Let’s do this thing!

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