Logic Hard

Yet another fine Letter to the Editor brought to you by the Red Star:

Car wash slaying shows how tiffs can turn lethal

Anthony Hartman, a 22-year-old Eagle Scout, is dead from a bullet allegedly fired by Jonas Grice, a 27-year-old described by his parents as a “good kid” who is “not one to go out and bully or pick on anybody.” There was apparently a small altercation at a car wash, and before other customers even realized anything had happened, a young man was dead on the floor.

This is an excellent example of why I want fewer guns in my community, as any minor tiff can become deadly when someone has easy access to a gun.


First of all I must bring up this fact. Somebody who is 27 is not a “good kid” because you cease being a kid after you turn 18 in this country.

The author of this letter, whom is an idiot, says this situation is a reason for stronger gun control laws. On the surface this sounds logic until you stop to realize how little facts are given. The author describes the situation as a minor altercation but doesn’t even mention what the altercation was over.

But the idea of minor altercations turning in shootings was tossed out the window the second right to carry laws were passed. Now there are more guns on the streets than ever with people being able to legally carry firearms on their person. What has happened? Well violent crime has continue it’s downward trend. No I’m not saying right to carry laws are the reason for the downward trend in violent crime; I am saying an increase in the number of available guns doesn’t increase the violent crime rate.

Here in Minnesota for example we have tens of thousands of people who hold carry permits. The violent crime has been on a downward spiral which seems impossible if a higher availability of firearms causes minor altercations to escalate into shootings.

The problem is violent people are violent.