I Doubt this was Caused by Availability of Guns

We all know the anti-gunners like to claim the high availability of guns in the United States is the reason for our crime rate. They claim nations with stronger gun control laws are safer. Personally I think violence has more to do with social strife than laws and Mexico is a good example. Another violence incident occurred in Mexico. This time 17 people attending a birthday party were gunned down in the country dead south of us.

Whenever a spree shooting occurs here the anti-gunners bitch and moan about how we need stricter gun control laws and had such laws been on the books the spree shooting wouldn’t have happened. The bottom line is Mexico has some pretty strict gun control laws and they experience enough violence every day for several industrial countries. The problem is they are a failing state with a government more corrupt than Chicago’s politicians.

Which brings up to the fact most of the violent cities in the United States have a combination of strong gun control laws and social strife. Minneapolis for instance doesn’t have that horrible of a crime rate until you get into the northern territories where the slums are. Much of Chicago’s violence is in South Chicago. New York has the Bronx which is pretty well known for being a shit hole.

Violent people will be violent. Criminals will be criminals. If there is a law preventing a criminal from getting a gun they will ignore said law and get the gun. Those of us in the pro-rights community keep bringing this up and presenting our evidence yet the anti-gunners keep putting their fingers in their ears and screaming “LA LA LA” at the top of their lungs.