Wait, Illegal Whats…

Illegal pools… yeah. Apparently the town of Riverhead New York is using Google Earth to track down unlicensed pools. Since when did pools need to be licensed to be legal? Oh right because it’s for the children:

Riverhead’s chief building inspector Leroy Barnes Jr. said the unpermitted pools were a safety concern. He said that without the required inspections there was no way to know whether the pools’ plumbing, electrical work and fencing met state and local regulations.

“Pool safety has always been my concern,” Barnes said.

Of course pool safety is his concern it certainly isn’t money because certainly there is no money to be made from unlicensed pools… oh wait:

Violators were told to get the permits or face hefty fines. So far about $75,000 in fees has been collected.

Yeah pool safety my ass. I think it’s time to start putting up camouflage netting over our properties to avoid satellite pictures.