Playing Dirty

I’m generally the last person to buy into a conspiracy theory but sometimes there is enough evidence that I’m willing to acknowledge there is some merit. You’ve most likely heard an arrest warrant was released for Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, on charges of rape. Shortly afterward the warrant was redacted.

According to Assange Australian intelligence warned him up an upcoming smear campaign aimed at discrediting him and WikiLeaks. Normally this is where I just scoff and figured the theory of conspiracy going on is due to paranoid delusions. Alas given the current atmosphere surrounding Assange and his organization I’m actually willing to nod my head and say there most likely is a smear campaign being performed against him. The timing seemed awfully convenient that these charges would surface so shortly after our administration urged other countries to open criminal investigations against Assange and then shortly be dropped.

Anybody who has read Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA [not an affiliate link] knows that the CIA has a long history of dirty tricks, smear campaigns, and various other misdeeds.

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