Climate Something or Other

If at first you don’t succeed change the name of your target and try again. Just as corn syrup is changing it’s name to corn sugar and Blackwater changed their name to Xe global warming climate change is getting a name change to climate disruption. As with most thing involving climate something or other Borepatch has a good writeup about how a certain staffer in the Obamessiah’s administration came up with the glorious idea of doing the name swap.

I’m not a rocket scientist but I believe if your crusade lacks so much popular support and scientific backing that you have to change the name twice to drum up fear you should find something else to make money on. It seems people don’t really want to jump on the carbon credit scheme and climate something or other isn’t scaring many people anymore. Just give up and find another scam already.

3 thoughts on “Climate Something or Other”

  1. Its not that it’s a scam (though it is), environmentalism was high-jacked in the 60’s and 70’s by anti-capitalists. They’re not necessarily communists, as most of them, at least at that time, realized that that shit doesn’t work. Instead, they’re just against Capitalism and America. It’s amazing how much rationalization will happen when one’s paradigm is total shit. For a pretty good history about it
    watch these:
    “History of Political Correctness”

    “Great Global Warming Swindle”

    1. Actually in Al Gore’s case it is a scam. He has a major investment in a company that would be a “source” of carbon credits if the cap and trade law went into affect. Needless to say if people buy into his global something or other scam he sits to make a LOT of money.

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