Being Stupid Costs You

Engadget has a story about Best Buy charging customers $30.00 to apply firmware updates to PS3s. Of course if you read the comments people are claiming this is extorting customers’ ignorance. That may be true but honestly I think it’s just further proof that being stupid will cost you money.

Applying a firmware update to a PS3 is dead simple, but some people are ignorant of that. That ignorance just cost them $30.00 and hopefully they’ll learn a lesson and figure out how to update their own firmware.

Being stupid is costly so do yourself a favor and learn everything you can.

2 thoughts on “Being Stupid Costs You”

  1. Honestly, in my experience, anything Best Buy techs are capable of doing is something that a reasonably intelligent person with a web browser in front of him could do more easily, more quickly, and of course for less money. (Yeah, there are plenty of tech tasks that, for most people, require a professional. Best Buy techs generally can’t do those either.)

    1. Very true. I’ve talked to Geek Squad people before… I always leave with my head shaking and a slight feeling of lost faith in humanity. Anything beyond a very basic question goes over their heads nine times out of ten.

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