Why Owning a Car is a Good Thing

First let me shamelessly steam a status update from a friend of mine:

Apparently next week, all public transportation workers will be on strike. This means: a 45-minute walk to class every day, and perhaps no weekend trip to the Alps as was planned. >:(

On top of that my friend already purchased a pass for something like 60 euros. Although my friend is currently on vacation (thus can’t really have a car there) I thought this would still be a good time to bring up the fact that owning a vehicle just makes sense. I have several friends who don’t own a vehicle and seem Hell bent on never obtaining one.

This status update reflects why I’m such a fan of owning a vehicle. Relying on public transportation for everything means just that, you’re reliant on somebody else. If the public transportation system goes down you have no means of getting to work. Likewise if you need to go a distance away you’ll either have to find a friend who is going that way as well or sit tight and not go. Self reliance is a good thing and everybody should attempt to achieve a little bit in every major part of their life. Of course if you bring this up most people will just call you paranoid.