Practice Your Draw

I found this one via my friend Alexi:


Ha! Remember to practice you draw and be aware of your surrounding.

EDIT 2010-10-26 20:01: When I first viewed this video I didn’t realize the officer was shot in the head. I was thought he just fell to the ground and rendered himself unconscious.

Realizing now what I didn’t when I posted this I’m scratching the “Ha” out as this isn’t a laughing matter. I’m not actually that big of an ass as to laugh at a person being murdered, I just didn’t realize that’s what happened.

2 thoughts on “Practice Your Draw”

  1. unfortunately, the good guy (cop) lost in this instance, and the bad guy got away. Folks who do Force-on-Force practice this exact type of thing all the time.

    Couple of things can be learned from this.

    1. You must practice your draw stroke, over, and over, and over again. Start slow, and work your way up. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast, as the saying goes. The inability of the cop to quickly clear his holster killed him.

    2. The Get Off the X idea works. The bad guy starts running away (gets off the x), THEN draws (from what appears to be the Appendix carry position, which is what I use), scores what appears to be a headshot while running and firing at his 6 o’clock one handed, an impossible feat according to plenty of instructors out there.

    3. You must disrupt the enemies OODA loop. A great way to do this, if not the best and easiest, is sudden, quick movement off the x.

    4. If you have a good stance and sight picture, you’re probably not moving enough. The bad guy had no solid shooting stance, and may or may not have used a sight picture (hard to tell). It may have been point shooting, it may have been a flash sight picture, may have been somewhere in between (saw his gun superimposed on the target, and fired).

    Check this video out (ignore the ridiculous, testosterone-fueled, “tough guy” music added by the youtube user):

  2. I was wondering about the video myself, and thought things went down a bit differently… thanks for the clarification.

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