Coliseum Gun Show

Well there was a gun show at the Coliseum at the State Fair Grounds in St. Paul this weekend. Due to events I got roped into I was only able to make it for the last couple hours on Sunday. Needless to say some people were already packing up so I didn’t get a chance to see a heck of a lot of things.

I did get to hold and mess with a FN SCAR though. After holding it, playing with the controls, and getting a general feel of the gun I question what makes it worth $2,700.00 (price tag the seller had on it). The gun just screams pointless retrofit of the AR-15 platform. My main complain is the height at which the optics are mounted. There is an entire assembly above the SCAR’s bolt that appears to be solely for the ambidextrous charging handle. The mounted iron sights also set high above the top rail which made it very difficult for me to get a good cheek weld and see through the sights (my head was sitting about a inch too low when properly welded to the stock). All this weight above the bolt also made the gun feel pretty top heavy to me.

Needless to say I wasn’t impressed. When I say I wasn’t impressed I don’t mean I wasn’t impressed for the value dollar-wise to what you get. I wasn’t impressed period. Even if the SCAR was only $800.00 I’d chose a traditional AR-15 over it just for the fact that I don’t like the feel of the SCAR at all. Yes it has hacked together ambidextrous controls but they feel exactly like that, hacked together.

I guess I’ll never manage to be an elite super cool mall ninja operator. Hell I still think the M-14 and AK-47 are pretty awesome guns.

There isn’t much I can comment on in regards to the rest of the gun show simply due to the fact I wasn’t able to make it there until a couple of hours before closing. I’m sure there was some cool stuff there that was all bought up before my arrival.

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  1. Don’t worry, you can turn an AK-47 into a Mall-Ninja rifle, too! Just take a look at the KCI Enhanced Speed Load Tactical Rifle, Catalog Number 89.

    Probably the most ridiculously stupid thing I’ve seen with an AK.

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