And the Award for Biggest Bad Ass of the Year Goes To

Imagine you’re a rancher in Mexico who’s land is coveted by the local drug lords. Now imagine those very thugs came do your ranch and gave you 24 hours to vacate. What would you do? If you answered by saying you’d leave the property then you’re not nearly awesome enough to even continue reading this post. If you answered that you’d setup weapons at your windows and take down as many of those fucks as you could then you’ be Alejo Garza Tamez, a complete and total bad ass:

He defended his home like it was the Alamo.

A 77-year-old rancher gave drug-cartel thugs the fight of their lives when they tried to take possession of his sprawling property in northern Mexico, becoming a folk hero in a region ravaged by violence.

Alejo Garza Tamez turned his humble farmhouse into a fortress for his last stand — lining up his numerous hunting rifles in windows and doorways — after receiving an ultimatum on Nov. 13 from the drug-gang guerrillas to vacate within 24 hours or die.

The lionhearted rancher was ready when two truckloads of heavily armed gang members returned the next morning.

Obviously this was a man not to be fucked with. Hell the only way those thugs were able to finally end the firefight was to lob grenades into his home:

He shot so fast and furiously that the confused cartel assumed there were several people inside. Dropping their assault rifles, the thugs lobbed hand grenades into the ranch house until the shooting stopped.

When the Mexican army finally showed up after the gunfight, they found four dead and two injured gang members piled in a heap outside the shelled, bullet-pocked farmhouse.

Inside, amid a pile of rubble, was the lifeless, bullet-riddled Garza, two weapons at his side.

It’s also nice to see that the Mexican army will eventually show up… after all the shooting has concluded of course. It’s sad to see a man as bad ass as Mr. Tamez go but by God he went down in a blaze of glory. Do not give into evil would be the best phrase here.