Is Gun Blogging Getting Harder

Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell has an interesting post talking about gun blogging becoming more difficult. I’ve noticed this as well which is why there hasn’t been as many gun related topics as of late. Sebastian credits this to the wins we’ve scored as of late but I’m attributing it to a general lull in gun related things. No field of interest has interesting things happening, they usually have burst of interesting things followed by times of nothing happening. Currently there is no good or bad related firearms legislation on the table, no amazing new firearms are being presented or released, and for those of us up in the frozen tundra shooting competition season is over for the year.

When I started this blog my main focus was on firearms but I left it open for posting about other things. Needless to say with the lull in firearms related news I’ve been posting more about world news and technology.

Worry not though because whenever something interesting happens in the world of firearms or gun rights (and I hear about it) it will get posted here. The lull will eventually be over and there will be a glut of gun related things to write about again. At that point us gun bloggers will be finding it difficult to set aside time to write about it all.