America Making Terrorists

If the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) creates a terrorist can they really claim they stopped stopped him? Apparently they think so:

A man has been charged with attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction for allegedly plotting to blow up a military recruitment centre near Baltimore with a car bomb.

OK that sounds like they stopped somebody right? Wait there is more:

The bomb was also a fake supplied by agents as part of a sting operation.

This is the second guy who has attempted to “bomb” something with a “bomb” given to them by the FBI. Also it should be noted both of these guys were recruited by FBI agents working to get their arrest numbers up under cover.

It’s also interesting that the FBI manufactured terrorist is being charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. The last time I heard a regular bomb was an explosive and a nuclear bomb was a weapon of mass destruction. This classification falls under the fact a regular bomb takes out part of a building while a nuclear weapon takes out an entire fucking region of the planet. Concept of scale apparently escapes the FBI though.

One thought on “America Making Terrorists”

  1. My father always said, “If you’re making something up, you can make up whatever the hell you want.”

    If they were supplying him with a fake bomb, then they could say they were supplying him with a fake nuclear bomb.

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