So How About that Microstamping

Somebody by the name of Ronni Chase was apparently murdered by a person using a firearm… in California which is impossible because they have such strict gun control laws. It seems one of the “mysteries” surrounding the murder was the lack of shell casings at the scene of the crime. Well the good boys at the local police department have finally come up with an explanation as to why there aren’t any shell casing:

Officials believe that the gun used in the slaying of Chasen was a .38-caliber revolver, a fact that would explain why no shell casings were found at the scene of the crime.

In revolvers such as a .38 caliber, officials explain, shell casings remain in the chamber after firing rather than being discharged at the shooting scene.

Well, no shit. That’s some mighty find investigating there. Lord knows it would take me a few days to figured that one out.

But this post isn’t here to dwell on the fact the powers of observation of some are in constant question. I want to have a brief discussion on something that anti-gunners have had a hardon for, microstamping. According to the anti-gunners microstamping is this amazing technology that marks the casing fired from a handgun with a serial number. Using this microstamped serial number police can trace the firearm used in a crime back to the owner. The anti-gunners like this technology so much they are pushing for laws to require such technology in every state of the Union. California is looking to pass one of these laws but are figuring out the actual implementation of this technology is pretty much impossible.

Those of us with a clue on firearms looked at this proposal and rolled our eyes. Hitmen aren’t stupid, in fact any successful hitman is actually pretty smart. They found a “loophole” to the microstamping laws even before they were laws. This “loophole” is called a revolver. Amazingly a revolver doesn’t just toss it’s brass every which direction, it keeps them in the chamber. This means no shell cases are left behind (as the police in the story figured out) and thus any microstamped serial number is going to be worthless. This is where the anti-gunners will probably push for a law requiring revolvers to automatically eject their brass upon firing because they’re morons who don’t know the first thing about firearms.

I’ll also mention that the media is going to shit bricks when they find out about our other “loophole,” brass catchers.

3 thoughts on “So How About that Microstamping”

  1. They also seem to be forgetting the good old-fashioned method of simply picking up your brass. Micro-stamping will just mean more criminals will pick up their brass.

    Unless the cops have actually identified the caliber of the projectile, the fact that there are no casings at the scene does not prove that a revolver was used. If casings are not present at the scene, it is still quite possible that a pistol was used. Perhaps the criminal cleaned up after himself, or simply prevented the slide from blowing back and ejecting the casing.

    1. Shh… don’t let the media know you can pick up brass after firing a gun. They’ll start advocating for laws making it illegal to pick up fired brass and us reloaders will be shit out of luck.

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