New Hampshire Doing it Right

It seems New Hampshire is working hard and ensuring they’re known as the free state. Today the new Legislature convened and one of the first things to go was the stupid ban on carrying weapons into the House floor. Now people entering the House floor may carry a firearm so long as it’s concealed (display is still banned).

I’m going to wait for the anti-gunners to claim there will be blood running through the House with the lift of this ban.

3 thoughts on “New Hampshire Doing it Right”

  1. In Texas if you have a CHL you get to skip the metal detectors at the Capital building if you don’t show a CHL you have to pass through them. The lobbyists are being forced to get a CHL just to save them time at the capital so they don’t have to wait behind the tours of school children. Love this state, too bad I could never see that happening in MN.

    1. Well in Minnesota you can carry at the state capitol so long as you provide prior notice that you will be doing as such. Not a perfect system but at least there is an option available.

  2. Hmm. On the one hand, if the dire predictions don’t come true, we have yet more evidence to use against the anti-gun loonies. On the other hand, if they somehow do, a bunch of politicians will lie bleeding on the floor through brand new orifices installed by their constituents.

    Really hard to know which of those outcomes to root for, really. 🙂

    But we all know which one to bet on.

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