The subject of immigration seems to keep coming up. Many people want stricter laws in place for immigration while others want looser laws. Those clamoring for stricter laws claim immigrants are coming into the country and taking jobs from resident Americans while people on the other end of the spectrum point out the fact that the only people in this country who aren’t immigrants are the Indians.

Personally I’m all for bringing new productive citizens into this country. Because of this I have a potential solution to the overly complicated immigration system in this country. Should anybody want citizenship in this country who has a job, education, or other valuable skill we will grant it immediately. In order to balance out the system and ensure our population doesn’t explode though we will export one politician to the new citizen’s country of origin.

If a man from India with a Ph.D. wants into the country that’s perfectly OK, we’ll let them on in and send a worthless senator back to India in exchange.

I think this is a good system that will ensure more productive people come into the country while worthless baggage is sent out without any increase in population.

3 thoughts on “Immigration”

    1. You’re right. When trading a Ph.D. for politicians I think a 10 to 1 ratio is a bare minimum start. I actually do feel rather bad insinuating that a Ph.D. is worth a single politician.

  1. This just goes to show that with a little creativity we can overcome our problems. And it is a twofer.


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