Arizona Shooting

Crazy things certainly do happen on weekends. I’m sure everybody has already heard about the tragic shooting in Arizona that six people dead and one congresswoman in critical condition. This is yet another case of crazy people being crazy.

Of course as with any act of violence people want somebody to blame. Jared Loughner was arrested and will be appearing in court for the shooting but most people seem to want to plan the tea party movement instead. The thing in we don’t know Loughner’s political beliefs and in most case like these the shooter has held beliefs on both sides of the political spectrum.

The other thing that many people seemed curious about is how this could happen in a state with constitutional carry. There are two simple explanations for this; nobody there was carrying or those who were carrying decided take shots at somebody while they were in a crowd. I haven’t seen pictures of the gathered crowd but discharging a firearm in a crowd of any size is dangerous. Of course so is letting a guy on a rampage continue is killings but it comes down to the fact shooting into a crowd could cause you to hit an innocent person and thus is a very sticky proposition at best. In these situations the best option is to get the Hell out of dodge.