Smith and Wesson Governor

Taurus has been known for making copies of many guns produced by Smith and Wesson but the opposite hasn’t been true… until now. Smith and Wesson has released a new revolver called the Governor which will take .410 shotgun, .45 Colt, and .45 Auto. I think Massad Ayoob’s quote sums this gun up:

But, hey, if you’re gonna play the names, be cool about it. You can always buy a Taurus Judge AND a Smith & Wesson Governor, and wield ‘em both, one in each hand. When you confront your next burglar and he runs away with no blood spilled (the way such things usually end), you can shout after him, “You’ve been put on probation by the Judge, and been granted a reprieve by the Governor!”

It’s all about looking cool anyways.