White House Delays Requirement of Reporting Near-Border Gun Purchases

It seems the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) didn’t get what they wanted from the White House. Word came down that the executive branch of our federal government has delayed the reporting requirement:

White House budget officials dealt federal firearms investigators a setback Friday when they rejected an emergency request for a rule meant to help catch gunrunners to Mexico.

There are two things that are interesting about this situation. First it seems this ruling would establish a restriction of your right to privacy depending on where you decided to live. That is to say people near the border of Mexico have less of a right to privacy than somebody living in Washington. Double standards are so much fun. The second thing of interest is the fact the ruling is asking for the impossible:

The decision delays for at least two months a proposed requirement that gun dealers along the Mexican border report anyone who buys two or more assault weapons in five days. White House officials said the delay will give the public more time – until Feb. 14 – to comment on the proposal.

How can you report on something that doesn’t exist? The term “assault weapon” isn’t an actual classification of any firearm type I’ve heard of.