PK-01 V Red Dot Optic for AK Pattern Rifles

Yesterday my new red dot optic for my AK-47 arrived. The optic I ordered was a PK-01 V Russian red dot optic that mounts on the AK’s side rail. Here it is mounted on my rifle:

The optic comes fully assembled and in that camouflage carrying case you see above the rifle. I chose this optic because it has several features I found desirable. First and foremost is mounted on the side rail of my AK. I wasn’t about to pay money to get hand guards with integrated rails just so I could mount my optic on top of that large moving gas piston. The second feature this thing has that I really like is the power source, two AAA batteries. I hate having to stock uncommon coin style batteries so I look for things that use regular old AA and AAA batteries. The third major reason I went with this optic is because it sits low enough that it co-witnesses with the iron sights as seen here:

I apologize for the crappy picture but trying to photograph a co-witnessing optic with your camera phone is a pain in the ass. I’m not one to trust electronic gear fully as batteries can die and other stupid shenanigans that make the optic worthless. That’s why I like an optic that co-witnesses with the iron sights, if the optic goes down it’s not a huge deal as I can just switch to the iron sights.

Some things I liked about this optic immediately were the adjustment knobs. Windage and elevation can be adjusted while you’re wearing gloves, no special tools required. Likewise the optic is built like a fine Russian tank, it strong like bull. Supposedly the entire optic is water proof but I’m not willing to submerge this thing in water just to test that claim. The battery compartment has a rub gasket on it which leads me to believe water shouldn’t be getting into the optic. Installation and removal is dead simple as are most side-mounting AK optics.

Sadly I haven’t had a chance to take it to the range yet so I can’t give a full report on how well it works. I can tell you that the red dot can be turned up to a very bright setting through. My eyes have a terrible red affinity meaning there are many red optics I can’t see. Giving my anything besides the brightest of red laser pointers if futile because I won’t be able to see the dot. The PK-01 V has eight brightness settings and I can see the dot anywhere from setting four on up.

I’ll have more to report when I get this suck to the range, sight it in, and either put rounds on paper or totally miss (in which case I’ll consider the optic shitty as I can’t possibly blame bad shooting on myself).

4 thoughts on “PK-01 V Red Dot Optic for AK Pattern Rifles”

    1. Actually the rest of the conversion would be easy as Dinzag Arms has all the parts needed. I’ve just left it as is mainly because I find the foregrip on the Saiga more comfortable than the stock AK setup. The only thing I may do in the future is install a threaded front sight block.

      1. Threaded front sight blocks are traditionally used with only the the smaller caliber ak’s like the 74. They fit over the barrel, and generally pitched at 24mm. Some Romanian guns are pitched at 22m. Ak’s chambered in 7.62×39 generally speaking use 1×14 LH thread pitch, and the barrel is threaded instead of the block. Unless there is a proprietary system you are going to be using I think you will have trouble finding a original threaded gas block that will fit over barrel.

        Checked your link, I see danzig sells one, but it’s unfinished and undrilled. you might have an easier time threading the end your barrel, and putting on 47 style fsb, and going that way. It would also give a better variety of muzzle devices to choose from.

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