PK-01 V Field Test

The weather here in Minnesota has taken a turn of the warmer. Sunday it was a balmy 45 degrees out making it practically summer here. I decided to venture out and enjoy the fine weather by taking a trip to the range to test out my new PK-01 V red dot optic.

First off sighting it in was dead simple thanks to fact it co-witnesses with the iron sights. If you’re looking down the iron sights you just have to line the dot up with the stop of said iron sights and you’re most of the way to your goal. From there you just have to make slight adjustments to finish up.

The optic returns to zero perfectly when you remove and reattach it to the side rail. Some people like to attach a rail on top of the AK’s dust cover. The unfortunate side effect of doing this is there is a chance any sight attached to the rail will not return to zero when you remove and reattached the rail for cleaning. The AK’s built-in side rail greatly alleviates that.

Due to my very poor red affinity the dot practically vanishes when placed over white paper on a bright day. Thankfully in those situations I can just use the iron sights. For most people this shouldn’t be an issue though as most people probably see red better than I do.

The optic has a 1.5 MOA red dot meaning you won’t be completely eclipsing your target at 100 yards or more. Beyond that it’s a typical red dot optic. Once sighted in your rounds hits whatever the red dot is covering. I don’t know what else to say about this thing at the moment but long term testing many reveal either problems or praises. So far I like it.