Revocation Rate of Minnesota Carry Permits

An interesting post over on the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) website has been published. It’s a listing of the revocation rate of carry permits in Minnesota. I figured it would be low but I didn’t realize how laws it was:

2006: 37,000 permits held, 3 revoked, .0081%
2007: 46,000 permits held, 0 revoked, 0%
2008: 53,000 permits held, 4 revoked, .0075%
2009: 63,000 permits held, 1 revoked. .0016%

Revocation of a carry permit can occur for several reasons included improper use of a carry firearm (outside of self-defense situations for example) or a change in status from an eligible gun owner to an ineligible person. Minnesota’s rate is far less than one percent which goes to show most permit holders are law abiding citizens who continue to remain law abiding even after they receive a carry permit (so much for that whole “blood in the streets” argument the anti-gunners like to parrot).