Stealing Vehicles with Tow Trucks

I’ve often wondered why nobody used tow truck services to steal cars but as Bruce Schneier points out they do:

Stealing cars has apparently never been easier. Criminals aren’t using fancy tools or new technology; they’re just calling the tow truck and having cars towed away.

I’ve had to have my truck towed a couple of times and I noticed I was never once asked for proof that I owned the vehicle. Due to this I figured calling a tow truck on a vehicle you want to steal would be a good idea. The only potential downside would be the tow truck driver knowing where the vehicle went but by the time anybody thought to contact the tow truck driver the vehicle could be long gone.

Of course few people keep the title to their vehicles inside of their vehicles (because it’s a stupid idea). Thus there really is no way to provide proof of ownership when you have your vehicle towed which makes this situation a bit tricky.