The Beretta Mx4 Storm

I have a Beretta Cx4 Storm in .45 and absolutely love it. Beretta released the Cx4 Storm as a “patrol rifle” (the label given by police for rifles incorrectly called “assault rifles” by anti-gunners, it makes the polices’ rifles sound less scary) and shares magazine commonality with similarly chambered Px4 Storm pistols. I’ve always been curious why Beretta hasn’t released a select fire version of the Cx4 Storm as it would make a sweet little submachinegun. After long last they have released one, the Mx4 Storm.

I think it goes without saying that I want one. Sadly as a lowly peasant I can’t legally own such a rifle.

One thought on “The Beretta Mx4 Storm”

  1. The last sentence should end with a yet… I believe that we will be able to repeal the Hughes Amendment eventually. We have made a lot of good incremental progress, I think it may be possible in the next 10 years. Of course that won’t help you in Minnesota you will need another 50 years for it to get C&Red.

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