So Much for the Evils of Corporations

Although I run most Apple electronics at this point the company does a lot of things that really piss me off. It’s a dick move to restrict the distribution of applications for a product to a single source just so Apple can get a 30% cut. Requiring approval from Apple in order to sell an application through that sole source is also dickish. Apple’s war against Flash is idiotic (and this is coming from a man who hates Flash).

But it’s hard to get too mad at the company when they do things like this. Basically Apple is doing whatever they can to help out their employees in Japan including paying for hotel rooms and transportation for those who wish to risk the trek home. Apple also told employees they may leave the area or country and their job will still be waiting for them when they return.

I’m sure Apple isn’t the only company doing things like this but they’re the only one I have information on. It’s great to see an “evil greedy” corporation treating their employees so well. It’s a far different picture than ones painted by socialists, communists, and union supporters who claim corporations are evil and will always treat their employees as poorly as possible unless government intervenes.