Let’s Piss Them Off More

How can we piss off a nation we’re not technically at war with even more? By sending drones into their country to kill their people. It seems Pakistan is pretty pissed about the 40 people will killed in a drone attack and not surprisingly have vowed revenge. If I were a leader in a country where unmanned drones were be flown in to kill my people I’d be wanting revenge as well.

So who were the 40 people we killed? Obviously top officials in terrorist organizations right? Not exactly:

Thursday’s attack has caused fury – most of the dead were tribal elders and police attending an open-air meeting.

Yup the United States fucked up and that fuck up killed innocent people. That’s a great way of bolstering foreign relations if I’ve ever seen one. When people say the Middle East hates us because of our freedom they’re wrong, they hate us because of shit like this.

One thought on “Let’s Piss Them Off More”

  1. Its probably fair to say they DO hate us for our freedoms AND our way of life, AND this kind of shit.

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